Buying Models


We modellers are always looking for the subject for that next project or that elusive model we have been waiting for for years. However those around us, wives, partners, friends, do not understand our needs and only see that we have 'bought yet another box' to add to the loft insulation; which is a waste of money!

However there is a set of rules "Joe's Rules" that justifies our purchases and enhances our buying experience to those around us as well ourselves. Any purchases made that satisfy the rules can be discounted as they are justifiable and sustainable.

Learn these rules off by heart so when you next go home from a model show with a big bag of goodies and are trying to think of an excuse or explanation you will hear yourself saying 'but half of them don't count because....'.

The Rules:

Rule 1

Any model bought from under the table at a model show “does not count” as it is second hand and therefore a bargain.

Rule 2

Any model purchased directly from another modeller “does not count” as it is second hand and bought from a mate, therefore it is a bargain.

Rule 3

Any Airfix model “does not count” as it is supporting a British brand and therefore considered to be a charitable act. This could also be used against any other British brand if need be.

Rule 4

A Hannants discounted pre-order “does not count” because it is discounted and probably not available anywhere else; therefore a bargain.

Rule 5

A gift has been chosen and purchased by someone else and is therefore free.